Jui Roy

Jun 7, 2021

2 min read

Who am I !!

Hi, My self Jui Roy. I am from basirhat in a small town of India and now I am 22 years old’s young lady. Now I am talking about my “Education qualification frustration”. I will explain later why I used this “Education qualification frustration” word. Now I am talking about my basic qualification, I am passed 10th and 12th with good result, I am an art student. Then I have completed my graduation but there had a twist, now I explain the word “Education frustration” in my life. After my 12th passing, I decided to study Honours in English. Then I started studies very seriously, and I passed my 1st-year exam with satisfactory numbers. But I don’t read very well in the 2nd year and then, as a result, I was failed one paper. Then I tried a second attempted with hard studies but I was failed, again and again, last time I totally broke down mentally, and then I decided to pass the general course and completed my graduation. But I always thought general course is not for me, I deserve better. All-time I thought I am not a bad student but why is my fate doing this to me. I always thought I deserve English Honours, but my fortune took me elsewhere. These make me think a lot, and I was getting frustrated day by day. From then on I thought nothing would happen to me. I keep thinking I am good for nothing. And I went to depression thinking about all this, that’s why I have used the word “Education Qualification Frustration”. Whatever, life is going on. Now I am studying DE.EL.ED, a primary teacher training course. And after overcoming all this, I started thinking new. And that’s why I starting blog writing. And it’s my first blog, about myself. Now I say something about my hobby. Since childhood, my favorite thing is drawing it’s like my refreshment. Every human needs refreshment in their own way. It’s helpful to our mental satisfaction. Mint refreshes our mouth like that our own hobbies refresh our mind. Sometimes I watch any kind of movie but my favorite is a detective. I just love detective movies, web series, storybooks, etc. in the present situation every woman must make their own identity. I always wanted to do something myself. And I believe I will stand on my own two feet one day. Sometimes I also do cooking many new items, it’s my other hobby. And I am a foodie person, I just love to eat any kind of delicious food like biryani is my favorite and sweet also. So these were some of the tales in my life. So I wish everyone stay good in their path.

Love Myself

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